Getting know Signature D Ranch

Your kid wants a horse, but

  • you don’t have the time, space, or know how to help them get started,
  • you want to give them the opportunity, but you can’t find a kid broke horse,
  • or you dreamed of owning a horse as a kid, but life got in the way.

I know this because so many of the folks I help are in the same situation.

About 6 years ago, I was teaching Biology & Nutrition at our local community college.

My husband was offshore, my newborn was in a pavlik harness (due to hip dysplasia), & I was struggling to get her to gain weight.

I loved my job as an instructor, but I longed to be home with my child, & husband.

My horses took a back seat & that meant no time for my daughter to ride , which saddened me, & I knew I needed to rearrange some things.

Signature D Horses was birthed in 2017. It is my way of helping families give their children the experience of a horse without all the responsibilities.

We now have wonderful equine events, camps, parties and get togethers here at the Signature D Ranch!

Come out & see us!


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  • Thomas W Barnett
  • Brandy Stokes Sharp

Sharli has the patience needed for the young and old. She is very knowledgeable and patient she has been working with 2 of my grandchildren and has done a wonderful job with them. If you are needing help with a problem horse or just needing to improve your riding skills Sharli is the one to see.

Thomas W. Barnett

We were so blessed to have Signature D work with our mule, Cinch! Sharli and her staff are so patient and really care about the long term effects of their training. Their knowledge and understanding of the methods they use really make a difference in the way the animal performs and sets the standard for years to come of enjoyable riding. We were so pleased that we already have another horse with them for training & riding. We can't wait to get Cinch out on the trails. Thanks Signature D for all your amazing hard work and dedication!!

Brandy Stokes Sharp / Envato