Team Building Events at Signature D Ranch

Team outings are a great way to facilitate bonding with your team members, reduce employee stress, and give your team members the chance to get to know one another outside of the office.

Finding ideas for a great team outing is hard.  Ensuring that your team walks away with an awesome experience and with newfound skills is tougher.

Next time you plan an outing for your team, cut the trust-falls and come for a team building camp at Signature D. We have something for everyone — from perfect activities for remote teams to large or small in-house groups to events that enhance teamwork and events that all team members can enjoy outdoors.

Why team-building activities work and what do they achieve?
  • Increases effective communication
  • Celebrates team strengths
  • Increases awareness of team members’ differing styles and work methods
  • Teaches the handling of challenges through creative problem solving
  • Increases awareness of individuals actions and their impact on others in the team

Team building activities can be embarrassing for coworkers, and some don’t even add anything that relates to the workplace. For example, while ‘trust falls’ seems like an excellent idea, forcing it doesn’t improve trust among coworkers, and what is worse, it can result in injuries when pairings are not even.

Not all team-building activities are detrimental to your workers, and activities that are focused on the individual as well as the team get thee best results.

One of the most significant advantages of the right team-building activities is that it boosts morale among your employees. Team members get to work together on exciting and challenging activities and can display their skills and talents.

Team-building activities and games that boost morale can break down barriers among employees and create an environment that is nice to work in, which is vital to a successful and well-functioning business.

At Signature D Ranch, we ask the individual to work with our well trained, calm horses…this might involve grooming, tacking, walking with or even riding them.  The whole idea is the communication between horse and rider and how that can towards working as a team with your horse.

Why are horses a proven method to help with team building?

Horses are willing to accept a human as their leader if that person demonstrates that they are calm and have the traits of a good leader. Learning how to handle, work and mentally connecting with a horse in a professional and respectful atmosphere teaches us how to be good leaders…especially when the horses accept us as their herd mates. The real gift is that participants are developing the skill sets that lead to improved communication skills, compassion, cooperation and greater confidence in the workplace and when dealing with their colleagues and customers.

Horses…The only animal that teaches you more about yourself than about them!  Anonymous



  • Thomas W Barnett
  • Brandy Stokes Sharp

Sharli has the patience needed for the young and old. She is very knowledgeable and patient she has been working with 2 of my grandchildren and has done a wonderful job with them. If you are needing help with a problem horse or just needing to improve your riding skills Sharli is the one to see.

Thomas W. Barnett

We were so blessed to have Signature D work with our mule, Cinch! Sharli and her staff are so patient and really care about the long term effects of their training. Their knowledge and understanding of the methods they use really make a difference in the way the animal performs and sets the standard for years to come of enjoyable riding. We were so pleased that we already have another horse with them for training & riding. We can't wait to get Cinch out on the trails. Thanks Signature D for all your amazing hard work and dedication!!

Brandy Stokes Sharp / Envato