Horseback riding is more than a sport, it is an art. There are different methods and styles of riding a horse, Western and English.   The style you choose is based on your own personal choice, but both add grace and safety to the activity. Horses are animals with feelings and unique personalities, so it is important to approach horseback riding gently and respectfully.

Horseback riding lessons are crucial to learn the proper techniques.  They also help you from learning bad habits while riding. Horseback riding is a wonderful sport, and when it is done the right way, it can be mastered and enjoyed by anyone.

Horseback riding is not a sport that you can learn in just an hour.  It requires practice and help from a trained equestrian. This is because each horse is different, and each horse will get along uniquely with each rider. It is important to approach horseback riding with humility and respect each horse you work with.

Horseback riding lessons are very helpful when first learning to ride. There is quite a bit to learn about horses and riding them, and it cannot be done from online videos or from a friend. It is important to learn the proper techniques in a safe atmosphere where you can make mistakes that do not hurt you or the horse you are riding.

Once you have learnt the basics of riding, you can enjoy horseback riding in many ways that offer great outdoor experiences.

The wonderful thing about the sport is there are always new things to learn, new strategies to achieve, and new horses to get to know and connect with. Because of this, it is important to stay humble and respect each riding opportunity that you have.

Everyone at Signature D Ranch will be happy to answer any questions, share their experiences, and give you help whenever you need it.

Come enjoy our horses and mules, get to know them and make new friends.

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    Private lessons are $40 per hour
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    Virtual Lessons – $35 per hour
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    Birthday parties & Celebrations are $200 for 2 hrs & 20 kids/attendees ($5 each kid over 20)
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    Trail rides are $50/hr/rider
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    Field trips are $12/child



  • Thomas W Barnett
  • Brandy Stokes Sharp

Sharli has the patience needed for the young and old. She is very knowledgeable and patient she has been working with 2 of my grandchildren and has done a wonderful job with them. If you are needing help with a problem horse or just needing to improve your riding skills Sharli is the one to see.

Thomas W. Barnett

We were so blessed to have Signature D work with our mule, Cinch! Sharli and her staff are so patient and really care about the long term effects of their training. Their knowledge and understanding of the methods they use really make a difference in the way the animal performs and sets the standard for years to come of enjoyable riding. We were so pleased that we already have another horse with them for training & riding. We can't wait to get Cinch out on the trails. Thanks Signature D for all your amazing hard work and dedication!!

Brandy Stokes Sharp / Envato