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Riding Lessons instead of Purchasing a Horse

“Mom, I want a horse!” “Mom, I want to barrel race.” If this is becoming a common phrase in your home, I have good news. No need to invest tons of money in a horse, saddle, barn, fencing, etc. Reasons to consider riding lessons before or instead of purchasing a horse: 1) Horses consume lots […]

What to Expect at your First Lesson

We love having new riders at our facility. We’ve established a community here, & we know you will feel at home when you drive up. The first lesson always involves lots of safety. The goal is to give you this grand experience as safely as we possibly can. You’ll groom the horses & we’ll discuss […]

Beginners need Geldings!

Question: “I have a daughter that is obsessed with horses. What do I need to be looking for?” Answer: “A gelding.” Geldings are castrated males and are my preferred choice for beginners. There will always be outliers, or exceptions, but as a whole, geldings & beginners mesh really well. Geldings are preferred because: they are […]